The Cha-cha seaweed with the cocktail sauce

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Inspired by the intersection of food and life.
It’s about taking a lighthearted approach to the injustice and pain I feel when I see how some people treat those who are different than themselves.

The bullying and injustice in the current American political climate are forcing me to relive my childhood as a Chinese minority in Indonesia. I grew up for 18+ years under the dictatorship of President Suharto. Criticism of the government was not allowed and government transparency was practically non-existent. I got bullied growing up because I was Chinese and now some people in America are treating immigrants similarly is opening that wound.

My love of food and curiosity in visual language lead me to a study of color, texture, and forms inspired by food—Mix them up as if they are different people. Arranging materials, colors, forms, and compositions to invoke contrast and harmony. The idea of duality where love and hate coexists.

I hope this body of work will continue to heal my own bad memories and remind myself and my audience to treat those who are different with more compassion.

48" x 48" Mixed media on Canvas.