b. 1973 Born and raised in Indonesia, Nino Yuniardi was captivated by the abstraction of life, a fascination that came to define his artistic path. Inspired by Salvador Dalí, Mr. Tino Sidin, and his homeland's diverse landscapes, he immigrated to Seattle, Washington, to further explore his creative passion.

Nino's artwork, which offers an abstract reflection on life's complexities, has found a place in galleries and private collections across the U.S., UAE, Australia, and Asia, as well as within Amazon.com's Seattle campus. His work quietly resonates with diverse audiences, speaking to universal themes that connect us all. His pieces serve as visual metaphors, translating life's intangible emotions and experiences into tangible forms.

In 2021, Nino's commitment to nurturing creativity led him to establish The Spice Art Club, a mentorship program designed to cultivate artistic growth and instill confidence. Through his work and community, Nino continues to explore and share the rich abstraction of life, inspiring others to see the world through a different lens.


Creating art for me is less about grand statements and more a personal exploration, a way to make sense of the world. It starts with curiosity and evolves into something like a narrative—an attempt to understand life itself. My work isn't about the grand finale, but rather the path taken, the colors and textures that mark the way.

My love for food and fascination with visual language guide me as I experiment with different elements. I'm a bit like a home chef, blending flavors and textures, trying to create something pleasing.

It's a playful process, filled with contrasts, harmonies, and fun titles. Yet there's a message I hope comes through, even if quietly. My art is my way of contemplating diversity and unity, using food as a metaphor. Each ingredient, unique yet part of a whole, can symbolize our shared human experience.

We all bring something different to the table, and it's those differences that enrich our lives. Through my modest attempts at art, I strive to celebrate this simple, yet profound truth.


1997 Art Center College of Design (B.F.A)
1994 Art Institute of Seattle (A.A)

2023 Pioneer Square Studio - From My Kitchen
2023 Seattle Art Fair - Ryan James Fine Arts
2023 Slip Gallery group exhibition - Have You Eaten?
2022 Seattle Art Fair - Ryan James Fine Arts
2022 Julie Nester Gallery - Park City Utah
2022 Art & Light Gallery - South Carolina
2022 Museo Gallery - Whidbey Island
2021 Leftovers, Ryan James Fine Arts - Belltown
2021 Leftovers, Museo Gallery - Whidbey Island 
2021 Leftovers, Art & Light Gallery - South Carolina
2020 Melting Pot, Ryan James Fine Arts - Belltown
2020 Bellevue Arts Museum Annual Gala Auction
2020 Beauty of our Minds - Storefronts, Shunpike Arts Seattle
2020 Space Craft, Seattle
2019 Miro Tea, Ballard
2018 Sugar High, San Francisco. Invitational Group Exhibition
2018 Visual Impressions Juried show Ryan James Fine Arts
2017 Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas Auction (Saving Salmon)
2011 Cake Spy (Sugar Rush )
2011 RAW Pulse Seattle at iMusic, Seattle WA (Chaosmatic & Sugar Rush)
2010 Retrofit Home, Capitol Hill WA (Sugar Rush)
2010 The Other Coast, Ballard WA (Sugar Rush)
2010 Trophy Cupcakes Wallingford, Seattle WA (Sugar Rush)
2009 Atlas, Seattle WA (Sugar Rush)
2003 Art With Heart Holiday Shindig Auction, Seattle WA (Rush)
2003 Firehouse Cafe, Ballard WA (Blindspot)
2002 Artemis Gallery, Seattle WA (Rush & Blindspot)
2001 Northwest Asian American Theater RAW Gallery, Seattle WA (Rush)
2000 Atlas, Seattle WA
1999 Coastal Kitchen, Seattle WA
1998 The 1998 Art Fest Gallery, Seattle University
1989 Sanggar Sang Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia


Spice Art Club

Speaking / Collaborations
Artist guest series with Adele Sypesteyn
Paige's Podcast
Artist guest with Vickie Marsango
Tap into your Creativity with Sandra Felemovicius
Open studio with Jen Tough
Intersection of food and life. Collaboration with itsbitesize.com


Visionary Art Collective 

ITSLIQUID Int'l Contest 10th Edition 2021 Art Exhibition in Barcelona
3rd place, 2021 Art Fluent Abstracted Juried Exhibition
1st place, 2020 Art2Life International Juried Art Exhibition

Community Involvement
2020 Panel Juror for Shunpike Storefronts, Seattle, WA
2020 - 2022: Board of Trustees for Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.

Partial Collections / Collaborations
Nordstrom, Bellevue WA
Atlantis The Royal Residence, Dubai

Overlake Medical Center, Bellevue, WA
Amazon.com, Inc. Seattle, WA
Jill Lewis Architecture, San Francisco, CA
Mike Mariano & Grace Kim of Schemata Workshop, Seattle, WA
Rebecca Lyman of The Garrigan Lyman Group, Seattle, WA
Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle, WA
GroupHealth Cooperative, Seattle, WA